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Riverport Ambassadors
Jefferson, TX

Back again by Popular Demand: Our much anticipated third Annual Historic Cemetery Tour!

The Jefferson Riverport Ambassadors present our third annual tour of the Historic Old Oakwood Cemetery in Jefferson. Come witness famous (and infamous) characters in Jefferson's colorful past protrayed by actors in period costume. This year's tour will feature some new "characters" AND a return of the Beautiful Diamond Bessie.The tour will be on April 20, 2013. Tours are from 5:00p to 7:00p. Space is limited so be sure and arrive early!
There is a suggested donation of $10 per person. All donations support thepreservation and maintenance of Jefferson cemeteries.

Persons in character tell stories at their historic resting place:

Diamond Bessie confronts her accused murderer.

A shipwreck victim shares moments of her fatal voyage.

A former slave recounts her journey to freedom.

Hear from the famous singer Vernon Dalhart.

Listen to the lumber tycoon Gus Schluter tell his story.

Learn more at our Jefferson Cemetery website.

Here is a short video clip of the Murderer Cullen Baker from last year!

View a short video clip of the tragic young Benner Girl!

See the two Desperados who killed each other and were buried in the same grave!


"Come step back in time..."

...and visit with us every Saturday morning at 11:00a in front of the First National Bank building, downtown Jefferson.

Joe and Vicki Lee

Jefferson Riverport Ambassadors was created to enhance the "Riverport Experience" of Jefferson, Texas. We do so by having fun, dressing in period costume, and interacting one-on-one with visitors. The organization is accessible to all individuals and supports other activities which positively impact the image of Jefferson and its Riverport history. In doing so, Riverport Ambassadors will have an identifiable position in Jefferson's Riverport -- past, present and future.